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RWS 305 GC MOD 4 Rhetorical Precis Frame & Scholarly Ethos Essay


Analysis of Scholarly Ethos

At some point in your academic career, particularly as you complete upper division coursework in your selected major, you will be expected to work with scholarship produced by professionals in your field. Some of you are probably thinking, “I’m nursing” or “I just started my hospitality and tourism management courses” or “I’m an electrical engineering major,” and such thoughts are likely followed by “and people in my major don’t write for academic audiences.” Behold, aspiring nursing, HTM, and electrical engineering majors: professionals in your field contribute to the Journal of Transcultural Nursing, the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, and the Scientific Journal of Electrical Engineering, respectively.

To be perfectly honest, one fallacy college students embrace – because they are somehow “taught” this – is the idea that when we graduate, we never need to write again for an academic audience. Indeed, advancement in many disciplines requires professionals to read, research, and write—and to do these things frequently!

Module 4 is designed to achieve two broad objectives. First, this assignment is intended to introduce students to scholarship produced by professionals in their given discipline or major. Second, this assignment is designed to help students approach such writing by utilizing the concepts addressed in this rhetoric and writing studies course.


Commence your work by locating a text published in a peer reviewed or professional periodical associated with your major, discipline, or specialization (this can be a broad reach, connection or association with your major — the more the article relates to and interests you the better). The text you select will need to have been published in a credible periodical within the past 3-4 years (so, nothing before 2017, please). And, the text should be a minimum of ten pages in length (not including Works Cited/References, Bibliography). Please make sure your text meets these requirements. A five-page “scholarly” article published in 2005 will not work, for instance.

Using this single text published in a professional and/or scholarly periodical associated with your discipline or major, you are tasked with analyzing its author’s use of “conventions of academic writing” and strategies for developing ethos. Identify multiple conventions used, examine why they were chosen, and analyze the effects they have upon the author’s target audience. If you have some insight on a particular failure of the author to establish her/his/their credibility as speakers on the issue/topic addressed in the selected text, you can explain that, as well. I do not suspect that this kind of criticism of the authors’ ethos will come into play, i.e., you don not have to find fault with your selected author(s).

Please include an appropriate introductory section, one that introduces your text and what you plan to accomplish in the analysis. Furthermore, make sure you have devised an analysis of the authors’ ethos that meets the demands of our expanded definition of ethos, looking at the variety of methods that academics use in their chosen discourse to advance a compelling argument.

  • Your paper should be 4-5 MLA formatted pages.
  • A Works Cited page is not included in this total but is required.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Successful papers will

  1. Provide an introductory section that engages readers and introduces them to your selected text and purpose of this assignment;
  2. Identify and demonstrate the author’s use of different conventions, elements and strategies for establishing ethos and explain whether the author is successful in establishing ethos;
  3. Identify and analyze some of the different elements of academic writing used to develop the text;
  4. Conclude the response appropriately by exploring the paper’s significance for others;
  5. Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next, including the use of transition phrases and sentences between ideas;
  6. Be thoroughly edited and use appropriate diction and tone to satisfy an academic audience’s expectations;
  7. Meet MLA standards for format, style, citation, and documentation.


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