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Moraine Valley Community College Cell Biology Method of Learning Discussion


Write one suggestion to students who take the course next semester for how to best succeed in the course.

Write one suggestion to students who take the course next semester for how to best succeed in the course.

Make sure to watch all the videos and truly understand the datasets

Review the datasets until you understand them

don’t miss class! and participate!

I would advise the next students taking the course to think proactively to connect lecture material, datasets, and worksheet concepts.

Not to fall behind and manage time wisely

Watch the online lectures as soon as you can instead of waiting till the last minute.

stay on top of things

attend the review sessions

go over the datasets frequently throughout the semester to practice and to keep the information fresh in your brain

manage your time wisely

Really aim to understand the data sets!

Make sure to check deadlines!! Also, datasets are important and understand the quizzes to do well on exams.

Everything is provided for you to succeed. Watch the video lectures and take the corresponding quizzes , go to class, do the clicker questions, worksheets and paper packets when assigned. If confused, ASK the professor quickly so you do not get more confused. There is no busy work in this class, everything is given for a purpose- so do all of it. You will be just fine so long as you don’t try to take shortcuts.

To actually follow the deadlines and participate and ask as many questions as the need in class.

Watch all the lecture videos and take the quizzes for them until you understand them completely

rewatch the online videos until you understand

Attend the classes and rewatch class lectures and the online quiz videos and take good notes.

Take really good notes on data sets and practice observations and conclusions.

Do not fall behind or it will only be harder to do well

Know the online lecture material well and review the datasets thoroughly.

Always be on top of your material .

Pay attention during the dataset lectures and make sure you ask any questions you have or anything you’re confused about.

This class needs lots of studying

Listen to Dr. Wilsons videos and attend her class

be on top of dropbox due dates

don’t fall behind

Connect with your group. The book can be dense and the student data sets are confusing so to have people to lean on to gain a more solid understanding of concepts is important.

Watch online lectures and go over datasets multiple times before an exam

If you taking this class online, do not fall behind. I didnt really understand much until the day before the exam. So keeping up with the material is necessary. Also the questions on the exam cause you to think three-dimensionally meaning you need to understand surface level questions to do well.

Watch all the lectures before class, and understand the data sets.

Focus on dataset questions and keep them in one place.  Learn how to analyze figures (observations and conclusions).  Look at the pictures from lectures and read these same pictures in the book..


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