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Egerton University Film Debunking Manks Temporal Order Paper


Understand and discuss the way the film’s stylistic techniques (e.g., cinematography (camera movement, camera angles, shot composition); editing; mise en scène (setting / props, lighting, costumes / makeup, staging (including performance)) cue the viewer to infer temporal order in building the story;

Demonstrate that you can select and apply the concepts most relevant for this assignment’s analysis;

Provide detailed, close analysis of examples from the film (fewer examples with more detailed analysis will help you to succeed).

Your focus should be on temporal order, but you may comment on frequency and duration where helpful for your analysis.

You do not need to include every concept discussed in Weeks 7 and 8, as not all will be relevant to this particular film. Focus on the concepts that you determine to be most important for your analysis of the film’s narration. Part of what you are learning to do is to determine which concepts are most relevant as you analyze the narrational strategies for a particular film. Refer to my Week 7 Lecture 1 and Week 8 Lecture 1 notes for detail on concepts (Week 7 Lecture 1 will be most helpful for this assignment). Refer to my Week 7 Lecture 2 for guidance on some of the key questions raised by Mank for temporal order.

To improve your grade, go beyond what I set out in my lecture – i.e., don’t just restate my analysis in your paper. Choose a different area of the film to examine, or a different angle on the examples that I’ve analyzed. If you have questions about this, speak with your TA.

Your assignment needs to:

Have a proper title;

There is a short briefing from me on Writing for Advanced Film Analysis.

You can find an extra lecture I prepared on theses and arguments, some summary notes on theses and arguments, and some worked examples of theses on GauchoSpace.

If you have not already reviewed Gocsik, Writing About Movies Chs 7-9 (on developing a thesis, constructing paragraphs, and basic principles of the sentence), I strongly recommend that you do so. These short, pithy chapters will help you achieve what 96 requires of you in terms of argument structure and academic prose.

The paper should be narrowly focused on the ideas and terms covered in class and the readings. Your writing should be concrete and specific, focused on what is in the film. You do not need to refer to Citizen Kane in any detail.

Your paper needs to develop an argument based on your retrospective analysis of the film that is supported by evidence drawn from close reading of the film. It should not be a list of illustrative examples, or a list of terms and concepts. You should write retrospectively (with a full knowledge of the film).


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