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Barstow Community College Communication Self Analysis


1-Self- Analysis

Write a one-page self-analysis about your speech.

To receive full 10 points, you must cover the following topics.

What did I do well? give examples 

What Can I work on in the Future? Give examples 

What tools can I use to work on these things? Give examples 

Other things to consider or add in your reflection:

If I’ve done a speech before, how did I improve from the last time?

Did I convey my message?

How did I do overall?

Please note that this is NOT a time to beat yourself up. Start with what you did well. If you did a speech even though you are nervous, you did that well. You faced your fears. This exercise is designed to help you reflect on the experience of public speaking and how you can grow.

Note: I gave two speeches online, I recorded a video, a picture and a sound.I was apprehensive and embarrassed in the first speech, but in the second, I think I was better———————————

2-Speech (Peer)  Analysis 

Pick one of the ted speeches below.  ONLY CHOOSE ONE TO ANALYZE 

After reviewing the video, please write a one to two-page reflection. Reflection must be typed double spaced. Please proof-read. T 

In your ONE to TWO-page paper, Please make sure to answer the following questions : 

What grade would you give the speaker peers a speech? 

What did they do well?  

What supporting material do they use? 

What do you think there general purpose it? What is their Specific purpose?

What techniques do they use to support their message? 

What could they work on?  

What techniques that we have discussed in this course have they used? 

What can you take from their speech presentation and apply them to your future presentations?Please watch these videos on YouTube

1- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The danger of a single story 

2- Susan Cain The power of introverts 

3- Hans Rosling The magic washing machine 

Your chosen media topic is to inform the public about the ways in which employers can motivate them. The motivating factor is important to employees for the purpose of work. we all know that workers are an essential part of any organization or company

There are several ways to ensure that employees stay motivated in the workplace. One of these ways is to create a flexible work environment in the workplace, and motivate workers continuously.

The use of strategy that helps to motivate employees is the presence of open communication within the organization and continuous between employees and the business leader for continuous follow-up, where the employee feels his importance at work and his appreciation for his work.

Employers usually create an environment that allows employees to be flexible . The leader creates a flexible work environment that gives greater value to flexibility.

An agile work environment requires team members to be innovative, which makes them more motivated and take risks, Some leaders offer rewards to their workers as a way to motivate them.

conclusion. To motivate their employees in any workplace. These strategies have proven to be effective in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity at work among employees and increasing productivity. 


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