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CC Visual Analysis Introductory Paragraph Discussion




This will be an Introduction to your chosen media, static/still or dynamic/moving, and will be one paragraph long:



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There are many other strategies to consider when breaking down an image. It’s always important to
consider the rhetorical situation first, since that will help you interpret the purpose of the other
strategies the designer uses.
Then, you can begin to interpret the other persuasive techniques that influence the overall message of
the image, including the tone, arrangement, text, typography, and color. Does the visual text contain
one image or a series of images? If there is more than one image, how has the author arranged the
images? How does the image (or set of images) convey the author’s message, etc.?
-Hook- to relate to theme:
–Overview (brief description, one to two sentences);
What is it responding to or trying to address?
–Name of Visual, Creator/Designer, (year); Background of author/publisher;
Think about where the item originally appeared and when.
–Purpose; genre (PSA, social or political commentary; explain what is expected).
The genre can be for example: comic strips, painting, digital images, film, etc; all have general format
–Target audience; message: Who is the image’s/video’s audience? What does it hope to
accomplish?  Think of the rhetorical situation as the image’s/video’s “problem”:  what specific
attitudes, beliefs, and values of the audience must the creator appeal to or counteract in order to
How does the design of the image convey the message? Think about the picture(s) itself, shapes,
colors, size, etc.
–Thesis (message successful?)
Target Audience:  The audience consists of who is being targeted by the author, designer, or
creator. In the image, does it appear that the audience is men, youth, parents, activists, or the public,
etc.? How do you know this? Relate it to the image or message.
Purpose: Purpose refers to the overall goal for creating an image. With advertisements, that goal
is fairly easy to understand. Advertisements are almost always made to sell items. The purpose of
PSA’s is related to the message; music videos, spoken word, or film shorts may be to educate,
inform, or provide insights about the human condition.

Media choice from 5.5

(Refer to hyperlink  (9/30) Choices for your Visual Analysis Essay )

(Also use the Rhetorical Analysis paragraphs from model Student Examples as models in 10/18) (10/18) Discussions : Short Critique of One Student Introduction Paragraph Example 


Format (see above) 

Composition Concerns: the Analysis paragraph is to be written in formal voice (3rd person);

advice on paragraph construction follows:

Basic Paragraph Format.pdf Download Basic Paragraph Format.pdf

Third-Person Objective Viewpoint.pdf Download Third-Person Objective Viewpoint.pdf


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