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BUS 475 UOFM Tesla American Energy & Electric Vehicle Company Memorandum


The company I choose is : Tesla

What You Need to Do

For the final write-up and submission of this Part 3, Company Analysis Final Team Report, your team will need to complete all of the following:

****Provide a detailed and in-depth analysis of your chosen company that focuses on MGMT topics discussed in class e.g. organization culture, organizational structure, strategy, leadership, Teams, etc. Decides on a maximum of 2-3 areas, do not try to analyze everything or every topic though!

**You may want to consider any or some of the following in your analysis:

      • Include a brief description of the Company and reasons why it was selected – why this company, why is it interesting with regards to MGMT issues and aspects?
      • What is the company’s history, critical events, background and mission – what does this say about the development and growth of MGMT practices and people management in this organization?
      • What are the core values and beliefs of the company – specifically relate to MGMT Topics and better understanding of the organization.
      • What are the attributes of top management, relate specifically to MGMT topics in your analysis?
      • Identify what the Culture of the Company like? What is the Structure of the company? How does this impact MGMT & management practices within the company? Apply course concepts to your analysis.
      • Does top Mgmt & leadership in the organization appear to support the employees in its activities or challenges? Is there evidence of effective MGMT practices What, how, why – explain in some depth?
      • Is the company currently, or in future, likely to face any changes or challenges e.g. structure, culture, leadership, team-working, people management issues, etc….How does the company present that to the public? Has COVID-19 posed any challenges to the organization e.g. structure, culture, motivation, managing people remotely, etc..?
      • Give some specific examples of how the company leads by example (good or bad) and how this organization has separated itself from the pack – relate to how well (or not?) they manage their workforce/people
  • In your analysis, you will need to include rich examples, and detailed stories about and from the organization based on evidence and solid research to provide a big picture of what’s going on inside the organization, what the organizational context is like, addressing how, what, who and when – all relative to the MGMT topics to choose to analyze.
  • You will also need to make recommendations on course of action or changes to be taken as a result of your team’s collective research, analysis, and discussion of your chosen Company and apply course concepts to show your understanding of the key issues. This may be about improvement or, if the company is successful, to identify what they may/should continue to do, or improve on what’s already good in order to make it great!

Format Requirements

  • Business Style Report Format, 10-12 point only, single-spaced, three (3) page Max, this is NOT an essay, word count at least 1500.
  • A bibliography (no fewer than ten (10) credible sources (e.g. do not use Wikipedia!) must also be provided (not counted in page limit) .
  • Do not use footnotes!
  • Remember to include all sources from your project in your bibliography using APA style format and fully cite direct quotes e.g. (Smith & Jones, 2020, 102-103).
  • All in all, a total of 4 pages MAX for this report,
  • You are also welcome to add appendixes if you wish to include graphs, charts, SWOT or anything else you think the reader should know about or supports your work, they should be at the end of your project paper and then you can refer to them in your report without taking up precious report writing space.
  • A three (3) page report is not a lot, so you will need to be detailed, yet concise & to the point in your analysis.
  • Credit all (re)sources, and remember to justify and support your findings with solid evidence and with reference to the literature in your bibliography.

**You are encouraged to utilize and follow the memo template for this business format report to help you format a business formatted report accordingly and attached here (see attached file)


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