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EDU 146 PCC Guidance Intervention Is Not Appropriate Discussion


Respond to the following prompt(s) for your discussion forum post:

  1. Distinguish when guidance intervention is not appropriate.
  2. Explain when and how to intervene appropriately.
  3. List and describe the appropriate methods used to shape behavior.

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by Tasia JonesNumber of replies: 0

1. Guidance Intervention- Is not appropriate when one is yelling at the child. There are times that it will be necessary to give children interventions. It is not appropriate when your at a store, because not only will you make yourself look like a bad parent, but your child as well. It is never a good idea to lecture your child at school either. They may make mistakes but it is your job as a parent to talk to them before they go to school or when they arrive there. The reason for it being child intervention is because it teaches the child how to behave when going certain places so one knows how to act. The word intervention is like if one thinks the child is having problems but does not want to talk about it. One has to open up and talk to them to figure out the problem, so there’s a right way to handle a child guidance intervention and there’s a wrong way just make sure you do what’s best for them at all times.

2. When to intervene- Is when you as a parent is feeling like your ready. Like let’s say your at the store and your child is acting out this is when it would be a good time to intervene your child. They might throw a tantrum and cause embarrassment to not only themselves but one as a parent. It is okay to show your kids a little discipline when your out in public, because when people look they’ll probably think oh well this parent knows how to discipline their children with no issue. Now how to discipline them is completely different from when because, some parents hit their kids some don’t. No parent wants to abuse their child where it can hurt them, but how to show them is one’s way of showing them you care as their parent. No parent or child is perfect at any place they go but if one is willing to acknowledge their child’s mistake in public then who are you to not do it.

3. 1. Praise your child- One needs to praise their child. Praising your child is a good thing because this means that they are doing something positive to make you proud of them. We all should show our kids appreciation because it means that us a parents will be proud of him or her no matter what they accomplish in life. As long as we make them feel loved and honorable he or she will always be number 1 in our hearts.

2. Using Attention/ Ignoring (misbehavior)- Using attention is something that all kids use because they want to be noticed. It happens with all kids even me when I was a baby I literally craved for my parents attention. But one will learn the hard way what will happen when rules are not followed. So the term using attention really stands out because the key word is using like just so someone can stop what their doing to have all attention on you. Ignoring misbehavior is a big one. As a parent one must ignore a child misbehaving because again that is for attention from their parent. We are not always going to enjoy that forever, if the child wants to misbehave then let them because children at certain ages are smart enough to know when their doing something wrong, they’ll catch it.

3. Provide plenty of pre- teaching- Okay so when one is discussing pre- teaching this means that it is never too late to teach your students or children anything. For example: It is never too late to eat vegetables or to learn how to ride a bike. Veggies are good for you so why not? and also bike riding gives kids the chance to be free and be themselves. We want kids to feel comfortable expressing their feelings around others. This is why they refer to it as pre-teaching getting them ready for the upcoming future’s and fun things to come.

4. The last one is Teach your child what to do. Teaching your child what to do can be very demanding, because some kids do not listen and some do. It depends on the kind of parent one is. Are you the kind of parent who just sits there and let’s your children do whatever they want to? or are you the one who cares about them and protects them? Ask yourself these questions when teaching your children how to do these things.


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