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EDU 153 Pitt Community College Daily Health Check Discussion


1. List and describe 3 reasons why a teacher should conduct a daily health check for each child in their classroom.

2. Examine and describe your own personal feelings about conducting daily health checks.  Do you think all teachers have similar feelings, why or why not? 

3.  Imagine you are a teacher in a toddler classroom and you are concerned that child is behind in their speech.  How would you go about introducing the idea to parents that a referral may be needed?


by Madison JoynerNumber of replies: 2

Teachers should conduct daily health checks for each child in their classroom. Teachers can detect illness early in children by learning their behaviors and carefully evaluating each child. Daily assessment can prevent an entire classroom from spreading a contagious communicable disease. Careful daily assessments can also detect children for vison, hearing and developmental impairments and therefore appropriate referrals can be made. Teachers are a first step in obtaining the needed help to help children overcome illness and disabilities.

I think that daily health checks are very important in the classroom. The earlier a illness or impairment is detected the quicker a child can receive the care needed. I also think that observant teachers can pick up on a child being sick quickly by observing and getting to know children’s behaviors. I do not think that all teachers would agree with me. As with any profession the degree in which each person takes his or her job serious is different. I have worked with very lazy teachers that do not pay attention to the children. I think that an observant teacher can make all the difference in a child’s life. I think the degree in how teachers care and do their job is different.

I would take extra time to observe the child in different times of the day. I would observe the child in individual time with me as well as with his peers. I would look to see if his speech was more pronounced with his peers to make sure he wasn’t just being deficit with me. I would have the school nurse to evaluate the child and then bring the parents in for a discussion to see what their view point is and then have the nurse to make the appropriate referrals.


by Janeesa BarnhillNumber of replies: 1

Teachers should conduct daily health checks on children in their classroom because it helps the teachers become familiar with each child usual appearance and behavior so that changes are easily notice. Teachers can also detect early sign and symptoms of common illness and health impairments. Teachers can minimize children’s exposure by conducting health checks with each child. Teachers should begin daily health checks with the children when the first arrived in the classroom and a quiet area. After the health checks the teacher should record accurate results for each child then placed in a folder to keep the child records confidential. Daily health checks also provide some one on one time with each child to teach health related topics such as brushing their teeth, washing hands and etc. Those one on one shows the children that the teachers care and interest in their health.

I think daily health checks are important for the teachers and children. Daily health checks provide opportunities for the teachers to learn and educate each child on health related topics. Conducting daily health checks keep everyone safe and healthy for everyone else around them. Teachers should minizine the exposure of any illness in the classroom . Daily health checks should be require because it gives important information about the child health status and readiness to learn. If the child has any illness it will disrupt the child energy level, cooperation, and attention span while trying to learn. Teachers should always monitor children health and work with the families to keep the child health good and child needs to be successful.

Most of the time families are aware of the child speech problems. As a teacher I would obeserve the child on a day to day basis and record information systematically to ensure the accuracy on the child speech to be noted to the parents. I will also set up a meeting with the parent to go over the child speech problem and initiate a referral if needed. When having cooperation and trust with the families/parents it makes the referral process easy and start an early process to help the child become successful in the future. 


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