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Statistics homework help. Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Julius Caesar.Born in 100 BC in Rome, a time where elite families had made a trend of engraving their family titles so that they would be considered as elites, Julius Caesar would mark a turning point in the history of the Roman Empire. It was the engraving of such titles into families that allowed young boys to grace business meetings, attend debates, and even eat and dine with senators. The son of Caius Julius Caesar and Aurelia became involved in politics after participating in countless wars. He would later form alliances that aided him in attaining a high powered seat in the Roman Empire, which would allow him to establish an imperial system across the many regions he had conquered (Bladen 57).He enrolled in the army as a way of evading the then dictator’s wrath after he married a girl from a noble family. After the death of the dictator, he moved back to Rome, but chose to study philosophy. Afterwards, he led a private army to fight the king of Pontus, which would see his status further elevated and see him work with Pompey. Pompey was a former lieutenant in the former dictator’s regime. He continued to rise in ranks and served as governor of a province in Spain, and with close ties to Pompey. he was given a powerful position in government to act as consul. Caesar’s first wife, Cornelia, died after he was elected quaestor (Freeman 79).After his wife’s demise, he encountered and fell in love with Pompeia, a distant relative of Pompey, which helped strengthen his relationship with the great general. Pompey would later marry Caesar’s daughter, but after her death, their relationship went sour. Caesar would then go on to marry Calpurnia during his travels and conquests over Gaul. During his tenure in political office, Caesar sought to change the lives of the Roman people. He improved on the calendar and established colonies so that poor people could improve their way of living. In Caesar’s later years, he created resentment from the Roman

Statistics homework help


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