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BIOL 180 APUS Wk 2 Influence of Human Presence on the Flight Behavior Bibliography



Assignment 1: The Annotated   Bibliography

Objective:  Assess sources for your research for   your final presentation (for credibility, reliability, and   relevance) and list references in proper APA reference list format. That   means the sources you use for this assignment should be related to the   species that you chose in the Week 1 Discussion of the class.  Remember,   the organism you selected in Week 1, is the organism you will research for   the associated assignments in the course.

The specie is:   Blue-tailed Skinks.

Assignment   Instructions:  The   Research Project/Presentation for this class is divided into three major   Assignments, 1) annotated bibliography, 2) outline, and 3) final   presentation. The first part is the annotated bibliography. An annotation is   a summary and evaluation, and your annotated bibliography will include a   summary and evaluation of some of the sources (or references) you will use   for your presentation.

To   prepare for this assignment, I recommend that you do the following:

  • Read these directions carefully.
  • Review the sample annotated bibliography provided to you below.
  • Read the BIOL180 – Annotated Bibliography Grading Criteria below. The grading criteria is a detailed        evaluation that I will use to assess your performance. It will also help        you understand what is expected of you as you prepare your        assignment. 
  • Use your own words (paraphrase). For help with        paraphrasing, please review the ‘Quoting and Paraphrasing’ help in the Trefry Library Writing@APUS        Center. 
  • Note that your Turinitin report similarity score        should be under 20% (not including references) and free of paraphrasing        issues. Review the color-flagged text on your report, fix any issues,        and resubmit again before the deadline.
  • Note that less than 10% of your work should contain        direct quotes.
  • Message me with any questions!

The   reason the annotated bibliography is included as part of the research project   is that writing an annotated bibliography is important in that it provides   excellent preparation for the final presentation. One of the issues regarding   any type of research, especially in biology, is the credibility of the   sources used, particularly those obtained from various websites. By forcing   you to evaluate each of your potential sources carefully, the annotated   bibliography helps you determine if, in fact, the source you chose is   credible and helps you determine how relevant it is to your topic and   understand the topic better, which will help you develop your presentation.

For   this project, you will assess three sources to include:

1)   a complete citation (in reference list format) for each source,

2)   a summary of each source, and

3)   an evaluation of each source. 

Three   sources are required for this assignment (i.e.,   you are to write an annotation for each source).  However, you must use five or more sources in   your final presentation. 

Additional   Resources:

  • Sample Annotated Bibliography
  • Also, please see the resources below at The Owl at        Purdue site for more information on how to write an annotated        bibliography as well as other pages on the site to assist you with the        other parts of the research paper:

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliography Example

Annotated Bibliography Samples



Sample_Annotated_Bibliography_Assignment1.pdf (185.1 KB)


BIOL180 – Annotated_Bibliography_Template_Assig… (28.42 KB)


BIOL180 – Annotated Bibliography Grading       Criter… (84.33 KB)



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