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Religious Studies homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Further study on the previous lecture. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.The wake of a tornado leaves the untold destruction to infrastructure and property in the billions of shilling especially when it strikes cities but in the early detection ensures that there is little or no damage to property.Shearing in the winds especially where air masses converge is one of the formative phases of tornadoes. The convergence happens when cold air meets hot air, and the warm air is forced to rise. The convergence point is called a cold front. The directions of the air masses at the top rotate in the opposite direction to those at the bottom. Rotors can be setup due to the shear in the wind. The rotors refer to cylindrical air masses, which are perpendicular to the direction of the wind. The rotating cylinders may be changed to move vertically. The bottom and top part of the rotors rotate in different directions. Tornados are invisible since they are rotating masses of air and droplets but may be visible due to the dust collected along the way or other visible particles.The winds in the tornado rotate cyclically where the vortex on the south due to the wind direction rotates in the opposite direction to that of the north. As a result, there are two vortices whereby one rotates clockwise and the other anticlockwise. The vortices are, therefore, negative and positive vorticity. The vortex in the cyclone grows into a big cyclonic element in the storm referred to as mesocyclone. A funnel cloud forms when the interior of the vortex spins around. The funnel like cloud formed results in the formation of a tornado. Many tornados rotate in the direction of bigger storm systems and hence have a cyclonic vorticity.A tornado over water is a waterspout. The destructive nature of waterspouts is to ales extent (Pike, 133). They are evident on waters in subtropics. Their speeds are low, and therefore they travel slowly over the water. Their occurrence is evident in the Adriatic Sea and Florida. Their effect on the water cannot reach the measure of a

Religious Studies homework help


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