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Mathematics homework help. Hello !Just need some help with how to complete this case study for cost Accounting ! Thank you!dueThursdayIntermediate Accounting I CasHorizon Corporation manufacturespersonal computers . The company began operations in 2012and reported profits for the years 2012ears 2012 through 2016 . Due to increased competition and priceslashing in the industry , 2017 ‘s incomcome statement reported a loss of $2 million . Sales in 2018continue to be soft and there are many unsolId computers sitting in the company’s warehouseHorizon Corporation has several loans outstanding with a local bank . The debt agreementscontain a covenant stating that Horizon must maintain a current ratio of at least .9 . Violations ofthe debt agreement may result in increases in borrowing costs as the bank may negotiate a higherrate . Just before the end of the 2018 fiscal year , "the company has current assets of $5 , 300 000and current liabilities of $5 600 000 . The company’s current assets mainly consist of inventory( $2 100 ,100 ) and accounts receivable ( $1 800 000 ) . An analysis of inventory value reveals that awrite – down of $500 000 is necessary at the year endThe company’s chief financial officer wrote a memo to the company’s controller . The memoincluded the following commentsIf we don’t do something about the large amount of unsold computers already manufacturedour auditors will require us to write them off The resulting loss will cause a violation of our debtcovenants . I suggest that you ship half of our inventory to J . B . Sales , Inc . , in Oklahoma City .ethicknow the company’s president and he will accept the merchandise and acknowledge theshipments as a purchase . We can record the sale in 2018 . Then J.B . Sales will simply return theerchandise in 2019 after the financial statements have been issued . ‘issueAssume you are the company’s controller who received the above memo from the CEO . Analyzethe ethical dilemmas that you face . You may consider the following steps when analyzing theethical issuesStep 1 . Identify the facts of the situation and the ethical issues involvedStep 2 Identify the stakeholders who may be affected by your decisionStep 3 . Specify alternative courses of action .Step 4 . Evaluate the consequences of each possible actionStep S . Make the decision and take actionRequirements : Prepare a summary of your analysis about the ethical dilemmas and indicate theaction that you would take . Based on your selected action , draft a memo to an appropriate personabout this issue . The work that you submit should not exceed 2 pages , so keep your writinprecise and clearreportwithAndwill be cerin followingOFDyears due toreceiving backRe Have

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