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Bethel University Correctional System Discussion Response


An Understanding of The Correctional System

George W. Schmidt IV

Helms School of Government, Liberty University

CJUS 703: Advanced Corrections Policy

Professor: Dr. Carolyn Dennis

July 21, 2021

Author Note

George W. Schmidt IV

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose. Corresponding concerning this article should be addressed to

George W. Schmidt IV


What has been the impact on the country by having such a high incarceration rate compared to other nations?

According to Cullen & Jonson, “The United States’ incarceration rate is high because we want it that way” (Cullen & Jonson, 2017, p. 119). Many factors have contributed to America’s remarkably increased utilization of the prison system. These influences have caused the country’s population to grow and it increased the quantity of apprehensions. The politicians became more resilient on the personnel that committed unlawful actions. The politicians also have advocated that more personnel who commit crime are to be apprehended and convicted. The community correctional representatives were commanded by the government officials to observe offenders more meticulously and bring them back to incarceration for new unlawful acts and or a host of violations. The government officials participated in a computer-generated gathering regarding lawmaking punitiveness that involved passing regulations that were generated to place additional offenders in jail for prolonged durations of time. The elected government representatives were successful with creating a leading prison industry on the globe. The American governmental representatives implemented the punitive guidance because the community allowed it (Cullen & Jonson, 2017). The paragraph above contains the answer to the question and the evidence above to support it. The politicians created regulations and proposed efforts to place additional personnel behind bars. The politicians were tired of personnel committing unlawful acts therefore, the officials developed regulations and proposals to attempt to put everyone in prison. Instead of the rehabilitation idea, the governmental officials implemented a concept of being harsh with the offenders who committed crime. The following paragraph will consist of spiritual research pertaining to incarceration.

Matthew 11 verse 24, mentions that God talks about judgement day being more bearable for the land of Sodom than for us. Matthew 10 verse 28, mentions that we should not fear the personnel who murder the body but not the soul. However, we should fear the one who can terminate the body and soul in hell (Smith, 2016). The paragraph above presents two biblical contexts, which offers a concept that influences the disciples of God to be prepared for the day of judgement, for he will be less tolerable. The second biblical scripture mentions that God wants his disciples to understand that he is much more powerful than a person who commits murder. The concept that God is presenting is a reminder that we should not live incarcerated by fear or worry, for he is the only one who we should fear. The land was created by God, we should not live on it as if we will be staying here forever. We should also conduct ourselves in a manner of; we are being judged by God here on earth. We will be judged more closely when the time comes to stand in front of God on judgement day. These biblical scriptures are related to the above content pertaining to an increase in the prison rate within the United States. Furthermore, the governmental officials took it upon themselves to judge and incorporate incarceration for more personnel. In the first scripture above, God is the only judge and he will be more tolerable than any judgment made on his land.

Are There Any Benefits to Putting So Many People in Prison?

According to Cullen & Jonson, “The main benefit of collective incapacitation is that it does not care if low-rate offenders are kept in prison for lengthy periods of time” (Cullen & Jonson, 2017, p. 126). The price is worth it, therefore, in throwing the net wide, each incline rated offender in the pile will be incarcerated. Conversely, the main issue of collective incapacitation is surprisingly similar to; there is not any care for placing low-risk criminals in jail for prolonged durations of time. Furthermore, a prolonged duration of time in prison is not an efficient tactic to use with regulating crime. When declined rated offenders remain incarcerated, there is a large amount of money expended for space that is taken for using incompetent crime tactics. The other issue consists of justice. The low-risk criminals are incarcerated for what could take place in the future regardless if they would not ever commit the predictive unlawful actions (Cullen & Jonson, 2017). The answer to the question and the supporting evidence is presented above regarding a benefit for placing many personnel in prison. The major benefit is that there is not an actual benefit. Instead, there are many disadvantages to include for sustaining prolonged prison terms for low-risk offenders, spending more money than needed to house the low-risk offenders and wasting jail space on low-risk offenders. The jail cells that are wasted on low-risk offenders can be used to house higher-risk offenders. The following sentences will consist of biblical scripture regarding incarceration.

Revelation 20 verse 6, mentions that the blessed and the spiritual personnel are the ones who share the initial resurrection. However, in the next death there will be no authority and the disciples of God will govern with him for many decades. Revelation 19 verse 20, mentions that a beast was taken into custody with a deceptive prophet who in the presence had completed the identities by which were misinformed by those who have acknowledged the symbol of the beast and its disciples. The two were tossed into a burning body of water (Smith, 2016). The biblical context presented above, provides a concept regarding two pieces of scripture. The first scripture informs the audience that the spiritual disciples share the glory of God for he has risen. The second time will not consist of power however, those who worship him will receive the most glory. The second context provides a concept of the two beasts who provided deceptive information to the followers. Furthermore, the beast is thrown into the pit of fire. The above content involving incarceration is relevant with the two biblical contexts. In the contexts, God presents words that describe what to expect for being spiritual. The misinformed overpowering beast is thrown into a pit of fire for incorporating false prophets to the personnel who received its symbol. The truth is that God offers his love and we should open a dialog with him regardless of what we have done. It doesn’t matter how big of incarceration sentence was awarded by the judge; God will always be there.


Cullen, F. T., & Jonson, C. L. (2017). Correctional Theory. Context and Consequences. Sage Publications Inc. Thomas Oaks, Ca.

Smith, S. (2016). What does the bible say about incarceration?


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