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Daemen College NOLA Superdome Controversy and Creolization Project Essay



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This is PART ONE of our Final Project


  • Explore a current example of City supported arts and/or entertainment that helps to define the identity or culture of the city or community.
    • This can range from an art installation at a museum, or a public park, to a professional baseball team.
    • Consider concerts, public gardens, bike paths, museums, performances. Do some research; please be safe. If you cannot attend the event or venue in person because of health provisions or other reasons, go there virtually. Any city will do.
    • You may use your “out and about” project or your “creolizing project” for inspiration as your start!

THIS MUST BE a venue or event that enjoys support from public tax dollars. Tax payer dollars come in a variety of ways: tax breaks; city maintained parking lots; annual funding offered. Go to the web sites for the City or the County associated with the venue. Look for sites like “”

2. Identify THREE of the objectives for the Creative Spirit as noted in our syllabus. You will use these three objectives to assess your venue or event for your Final Project. All you need do now is identify the objectives you will use.

3. Write this up on a single page and submit by the due date.

(10% or 20 points)

3/ Art in the Park Controversy


One of the issues in Shakespeare’s London was a concern for public morality and whether or not the theatre was a detriment to the development of good moral character for the citizens of London. Leaders in London were also worried about mob violence and whether the theatre contributed to “rousing the rabble.”

A similar controversy showed up a few years ago in Overland Park. We also have q controversy right here in Wichita in the summer of 2021. After reviewing the newspaper articles linked below, offer your opinion at your discussion board. Choose one of the icidentc or both. What are the issues addressed in these articles? What — if anything — should the city do to respond?

What connections to the Greenblatt essay do you see? Why did city leaders in London worry about the “bad influences” of Shakespeare and other playwrights?

Kansas City Star:

newspaper article regarding a work of art — given as a gift — and displayed in a community supported arboretum. (Links to an external site.)

Wichita Eagle:

Confederate War Memorial Vandalized

(Sorry about the ads: really aggressive!)


Please post your ideas and comment on at least TWO other colleagues’ posts.

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4/ QUIZ: Rome, Europe and Greenblatt

I am gunna send you 13 question

5/ ESSAY DUE SEPT 20: London’s influence on Shakespeare

Will in the World: GreenblattLondon’s Influence on Shakespeare’s CraftFor your paper, please consider the following approach.Greenblatt describes the city of London in the 16th century. What were the opportunities and dangers of the city? How did these elements influence Shakespeare’s writing and productions? What examples does Greenblatt offer to support his thesis? ORKeeping in mind our own times, can you identify certain societal ills in London that had such an influence on life in the city that Shakespeare used them in his own plays to connect with his audience?Should you have another topic you’d like to explore, please do so.Please be sure to address one of the objectives of the Creative Spirit in your analysis.As you write:Please write approximately four (4) pages, typed, double-spaced.Craft an introduction, identifying the work under study and the author.Be sure to include a thesis in your introduction. This will identify the question or idea you are exploring and set out a road map for your reader.Try to have three points worth making, each in its own paragraph. Offer examples from the work to support your ideas. Don’t over quote. We’d rather read your ideas about the work.How does your essay help to address one of the objectives of the CREATIVE SPIRIT?Finally, sum it all up in a brilliant conclusion that reminds the reader of your main points and convinces us to accept your interpretation. The paper is due Monday.1. General Guidelines: While you are free to develop a thesis and an organization all your own, please observe the following guidelines no matter which issue you investigate.1. Your essay should focus upon one key issue or theme.2. Provide evidence in the form of examples from Greenblatt’s book to support your analysis. Try not to depend upon long and numerous quotes. We want to read and understand your analysis. Presentation:1. Your paper should by typed, double spaced and approximately 4 pages in length ( 1000 words).

2. A good presentation is a key element for a successful essay. Begin with an introduction that includes a thesis statement. Students often find it helpful to revise the introduction after writing the entire essay.3. Each paragraph in the body of your paper should be well organized with a topic sentence and transition statement that allows each paragraph to flow logically to the next.4. Sum up your essay with a conclusion that reminds the reader of your significant points and persuades the reader to accept your interpretation.5. Please include a bibliography of all secondary sources used.6. Choose a manual of style for documentation and use it consistently. The History Department prefers the Chicago Manual of Style, prepared by Kate Turabian. Use the style manual of your choice. Stylistic concerns:1. Avoid the passive voice when possible. “The boy threw the ball” is almost always better than “the ball was thrown by the boy.” If you often use the word “was,” revise to make your writing more active.2. Know when to use each of these words: to, two, too3. Do not use contractions.4. Avoid personal pronouns such as “I” and “you”.5. Know the difference between “it is” and “its.” The second is possessive (hers, his, its) and does not require an apostrophe.6. Maintain a consistent verb tense throughout the essay. Endeavor to write in the historical past tense.7. Edit the essay for proper spelling. Please avail yourself of spell check features.8. Spell check is no substitute for good editing. Read and reread the final essay before turning it in. Read it out loud. Ask a roommate to read it.9. Master the proper way to make plurals. An apostrophe denotes a possessive and only very rarely a plural.10. When writing of historical persons do not identify them only by first name unless they are prophets, monarchs or artists. Thus, Martin Luther may be referred to as “Martin Luther,” “Luther” or “Dr. Luther,” but never simply “Martin.” Figures such as Moses, Buddha and Mary are referred to by a single name. Michelangelo Buonarroti, may be identified only as “Michelangelo;” Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, is simply Elizabeth I.


This is part TWO of your FInal Project

You completed part one EXPLORE earlier. In that assignment you explored a current example of City supported arts and/or entertainment that helps to define the identity or culture of the city or community.

And you identified three of the CS objectives that you’ll use in your analysis.


  • In what way does the local government use tax dollars to support the event or venue you have chosen for your final project? Do some research. If you have trouble finding sources, ask me. Ask a librarian.
  • Add the results to your original proposal and start to write. Revise your original proposal to include this information. Keep in mind that you are building a final project as you go: revise early and often.
    • why you chose that image
    • how it reflects a theme raised in Ivor Miller’s article on graffiti
    • AND how it reflects ANOTHER one of the objectives for the Creative Spirit component of the NSP.

7/ PHOTO ESSAY DUE SEP 27: Creolizing in your city

New Orleans can be a boisterous town — but we should keep our discussion board civil!


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