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AHI 001D UCR Liu Chunhua Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan Painting Analysis Discussion


There are two parts to the assigment this week

Part 1

For this essay you have two options. Respond to ONE of the following prompts with an essay of at least 500 words.

  1. Choose ONE of the works listed below and discuss how it reflects traditional Chinese values with roots in Confucianism and/or Daoism (some examples might reflect only one of these and some might reflect both). You must identify what these values are specifically, briefly explain how they fit into the Confucian or Daoist world view, and analyze exactly how the painting expresses them. Consider both style and content.
    • Yan Liben, The Thirteen Emperors, Tang Dynasty
    • Unknown Artist, Lady Wenji’s Return to China, Song Dynasty
    • Ma Hezhi, ‘The Seventh Month’, Song Dynasty
    • Wu Zhen, Poetic Feeling in a Thatched Pavilion, Yuan Dynasty
    • Shen Zhou, Poet on a Mountaintop, Ming Dynasty
    • Wen Zhengming, Living Aloft, Ming Dynasty
  2. We learned about propaganda and how it functions in Lesson 9. Choose ONE of the images listed below and analyze how it acts as propaganda. Identify the message the work conveys and discuss precisely how the work conveys it. Consider what tactics are used to sway the viewer towards the point of view expressed in the work.
    (The analysis of In Front of Tiananmen from the Lesson 9 Lecture should give you an idea of how to approach this prompt.)
    • Let Philosophy Be Transformed into a Sharp Weapon in the Hands of the Masses, 1971
    • Liu Chunhua, Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan, 1968

Whichever prompt you choose, a thorough and specific analysis of your chosen image should make up the bulk of your response. Remember, you should only respond to one prompt, and you should only discuss one image.

Part 2

In this lesson, we looked at several examples of Korean ceramics, and the China lessons also featured a few ceramics. Spend some time examining the celadon ceramic ware in your book and browse some of the ceramics on the Met’s website (Links to an external site.).

Goryeo dynasty, late 12th–early 13th century. Celadon-glazed stoneware with incised and inlaid decoration, height 13′′

For your DB post this week, consider how decorating a ceramic object differs from creating a more traditional painting. What considerations must the artist take into account when decorating ceramics (2D or 3D decoration) that a painter of hanging scrolls for example does not. ( a paragraph)


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