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AHI 001D UCR Arts of Asia & the Chinese People Liberation Army Discussion


I have attached one of my lectures pdf. Please read through the pdf, and visit one of the virtual museums that are provided below to choose the art that relates to the PFD’s topic. The pdf’s topic is art in China. Thank you.

Since you cannot currently visit a museum in person, if you would like to complete the extra credit this semester, go on a virtual visit to one of the following museums instead. This can mean browsing their online collections or taking a virtual tour if available.

The British Museum (Links to an external site.)

The British Museum virtual tour (Google Maps) (Links to an external site.) – this link will drop you into the Japanese gallery, but you can view the art of other cultures and eras by exploring other areas of the museum (don’t forget to try the different floors!)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)

Museum of Fine Arts Boston (Links to an external site.)

National Palace Museum Taiwan (Links to an external site.)

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco (Links to an external site.) – browse the online collection or browse by gallery (Links to an external site.)

(if there is a work from another museum that you would like to cover, that is also fine – just make sure that it is appropriate for the prompt!)

This is a survey course that covers many cultures over a vast period of time. As such, we discuss only a tiny fraction of the important works created during this time by these cultures. However, the works we have seen this semester in your textbook and in the lessons here on Canvas are not a random assortment of works. Instead, they have been carefully chosen to present a narrative of art history. Each work has been chosen because it is a good representative of a larger body of similar work, because it helps to demonstrate a key art historical theme, or because it reflects a historical turning point. However, just because these works have been chosen thoughtfully does not mean that they form an objectively correct ‘canon’ that tells the single true and impartial history of art.

For the extra credit assignment, choose one object that you see in the museum’s collection and write an essay arguing in favor of its inclusion in this course’s content. This does not simply mean choosing a work you like and describing it or explaining why you like it or why you think it is important. Instead, the work you choose should be relevant – that is, it should fit into the scope of the class temporally(in terms of time) and geographically, and you should be able to connect it to some of the major themes of the course. In your essay explain how the work demonstrates or relates to these themes, and justify your choice by discussing what the work you have chosen would contribute to a better understanding of Asian art history and how. This means that your essay must reflect that you have done the assigned reading throughout the course, and your choice of the object should not be too similar to something already covered because this would contribute relatively little to our understanding of the subject overall.

Your essay should be 600-800 words long and is worth up to 10 extra credit points.


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