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Ambria College of Nursing WK5 Comparison of Democracy and Fascism Essay


Final Exam

Please submit your answer to the Final Exam:

Please address ONE of the following questions. Each asks you to interpret and analyze an issue in World History in light of primary sources that offer differing viewpoints or dates from different time periods.

For each question, there are two primary sources. The first is one we analyzed and interpreted during the term. The second will be new to you. Use your skills in historical analysis and interpretation to compare and contrast the documents.

In an essay, develop your own interpretation of the issue in World History, using evidence from the documents, background information in your textbook, as well as class discussion and activities.

Essays should be 3-4 pages in length, double spaced, 12pt font. Use MLA or APA citations (follow the one your degree/program uses) and include works cited page. Use the textbook, class discussions, and lectures for contextual information. Do not do outside research.

1.) Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. are known for their peaceful means when faced with controversy. Gandhi wanted freedom from Great Britain and King wanted equal rights for all Americans. These men offered the world an alternative during the 20th century. Using the following two documents, compare and contrast Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s views regarding peace movements. On what did they agree? Where did they part company? What can the world learn from these mean today when there is so much violence and turmoil?


2.) Throughout the term, we have studied various forms of revolutions and theories of government. Using the two sources below, compare and contrast the values of democracy and fascism. Each comes from a very different historical period. What can be learned by comparing them? Do the values expressed in these two documents have any commonalities? Which? How? What are their chief disagreements? What would members of the Estates General say to Mussolini’s argument?


3.) Using the documents listed below, compare and contrast working conditions in 19th Century factories and late 20th/early 21st Century sweatshops. Were conditions essentially similar or were there substantive differences in the lives of unskilled workers during these periods (think also about the fact that experiences vary by nation and parts of the world)? Why? What solutions to the problem of “sweated” labor are presented in the documents? How do you think the problem should have been/should be addressed?



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