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Walden University Implementation of the Grant Writing Process Responses


Read a selection of your colleagues’ posts.

Respond to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways:

  • Compare and contrast the key elements of grant writing identified in your and your colleague’s post.
  • Provide a constructive critique of your colleague’s ideas for demonstrating a positive and measurable effect to a funder.
  • Provide recommendations to find funding sources for this proposal.

DB1 Melissa

Key Elements of Grant Writing

When writing a grant there are several steps that need to be taken. The first step is the cover letter. The cover letter introduces the company to the foundation that is providing the grant. It will also state what and how much the company is asking for. The second part of the grant is the letter of inquiry. The letter of inquiry provides the goals that company wants to achieve and why these goals are important. The letter proposals is the third part to grant writing. This letter is a request for the funds to help the company achieve the goals that they are trying to accomplish. It states how the funds will be used. The proposal budget goes more into depth how the grant money will be distributed.

Brief Description of Pivotal Point Youth Service

The Pivotal Point Youth Services is anon-profit agency that provides employment and vocational services to youth between the ages of 16-24 that are high risk and under-served. The company is asking for $20,000 so that they can “provide intensive employment and vocational training” ., leadership development: Advocating and negotiating for yourself and your organization” |. (2021). Candid Learning.

DB2 Tanelle

Describe the key elements to grant writing.

Grant writing is a different writing style from writing for peer-reviewed audiences (Ruffalo, 2017). After reading this week’s selected readings, I can describe grant writing as a style that must include diverse information to support present and future needs in an agency. An individual writing a grant must have the ability to speak to the success of current programming in the agency and provide plans on how to address future needs too. There must be motivation in the grant describing how the grant will continue to improve on the success of current services provided in the agency. Displaying motivation in a grant is helpful for an individual(s) and can start within the inquiry process. In writing a grant there should always be needs rooted in a gap of service or other unfilled needs or needs further investigation; and can be supported with evidence to validate the gap in service (Ruffalo, 2017). Selecting individual(s) to write the grant is another critical element in the motivation of the grant writing process. According to (Ruffalo 2017), the selected individual(s) must recognize the need for an initiative, desire to collaborate with others, and commit to complete the project. The grant writer(s) must know what grants are available to the agency or population served. Those involved in the grant writing process in the agency must develop a goals statement. Goal statements help with formulating the grant and help stakeholders understand the goal of the grant. There also needs to be research related to stakeholders, and stakeholders must be vetted in the process so that ideas can be provided to stakeholders. Another critical piece in writing a grant is understanding the money that is needed to fund the idea. An explanation of the expenses must be broken down in the proposal accounting for all the requested money.

Provide a brief description of the grant proposal you selected and explain the

strengths of the proposal and any areas where it could be improved.

The grant proposal I selected was The Proposal from Planned Parenthood of Georgia to the Atlanta Women’s Foundation. This grant proposed a plan to increase awareness and access to HPV vaccines. The grant was targeted at low-income families and would include girls and their mothers who will participate in a program at the YMCA that provides education about cervical cancer. The YMCA of Greater Atlanta appears to be a stakeholder in this grant. The funding would provide training to staff at the YMCA to teach the selected group of mothers and daughters. The funding would help planned parenthood offer the vaccine for free after completing the cervical cancer education program. The grant would help with purchasing the materials needed to teach the program. The amount asked for in this grant was 25,000, but in the letter, it says 26,050.

Explain how you would improve on the grant proposal to convince the funder that funding this program would have a positive and measurable effect on the community.

Honestly, I do not think anything could be improved on in this grant; it may be asking for more funding so a larger population could have access to this prevention program. The grant is a winning grant, and it appears it awarded 25,000 to run the pilot program. The grant, in my opinion, followed all the guidelines required. The grant provided demographics of the population targeted. The grant provided plans of how the program was going to be executed. The grant provided planned parenthoods history and other successful programs provided by the agency. The grant reviewed the staff that would be needed to run the program. The grant explained expenses and provided information on expenses that would go to each stakeholder. There was information on the timetable for the implantation of the program. The grant provided an objective for the program and how the outcome of the program would be evaluated. Again, this grant was an excellent grant to review. The only suggestion I would make is to ask for more funding for the program to help more than 25 individuals. I would have also like to know if the program’s results were successful would that mean the program would be expanded? I do not remember seeing this in the grant proposal.


Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice 5th ed. Washington: Sage.

Ruffalo, D. N. (2017). Grant writing: Moving from generating ideas to applying to grants that matter. The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 236–244.


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