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Prince George’s Community College Environmental Influences on Human Behavior Questions


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Discussion Questions

1. Much of our behavior is typical of the species yet individually different, even unique. Choose a specific form of one behavior, such as blinking, eating, or speaking, that probably evolved biologically but varies in different people. Suggest an explanation for its constancy in the species and its variability among individuals. It doesn’t have to be an example I mentioned. Choose whatever interests you.

NOTE: You’ll have an easier time with tiny behaviors: a startle reflex, urination, or breathing. Feel free to take on larger traits like problem-solving and mate selection if you wish.

2. When we say that behavior is inherited, we mean that the behavior is influenced by our genes. How do our genes and the environment interact to guide behavior?

Discussion Answers/Post

  1. Mate selection is a behavior that I find extremely interesting.  Often, I have noticed that not everyone selects the best mate for their needs.  Why is that?  I have several different types of friends that choose the wrong mates for various reasons. A lot of the time, they start panicking due to age or life situation and feel as though they need to settle down with whoever is willing, even though they do not genuinely like the person.  I feel like this was me when I got married in my early twenties. I was feeling like a failure in life and thought it was something that would help.  While I am extremely grateful for my children, the person that I married was not a good person.  Now that I am older, I watch some of my friends do the same thing.  I also see men that stay with toxic women based on how physically appealing they are, even though they do not treat them well at all.  I will personally never understand the reasoning behind that idea.  I think we choose mates based on what we feel like we deserve at the time, but often short sell ourselves.  It pains me to watch this happen.  Now that I am older, I cannot maintain a relationship with someone unless I have a strong emotional connection to begin with.  I have never looked at a man who was attractive and approached him based on that.  It is exceedingly difficult for me to select someone because of this personal handicap.
  2. Along the same ideas, I do believe that behavior is influenced by our genes.  My mother was a very “free” woman.  She did not care much about her partners, as long as they were willing. I believe this is why I am so weird about relationships.  I did not grow up witnessing healthy relationships, nor did I have a father present.  I really think this messed me up, in the sense that I am terrified to become involved with anyone because I do not trust them or their intentions. I do not know what to feasibly expect, nor truly understand what I deserve, but I know that I do not want to be like my mother. To be quite honest, a lot of my friends are the same way, and a lot of them act as though there is something wrong with me.  Maybe there is, I really do not know, but I do know that I am the way I am because of what I saw growing up.


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