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West La College Child Development Discussion and Responses


Please reply to ONE of the following:

  • Developmentally appropriate practice sounds like such a reasonable approach to teaching and learning. Yet, many public school teachers at the primary level are unaware of the important characteristics or don’t use them in practice.  Why do you think this is the case?  How can professionals working at the primary level combine DAP with other, potentially conflicting, but accepted practices?
  • Attachment is viewed as critical for healthy social and emotional development. What are some implications of attachment for the early care and learning professional?  How should knowing about attachment influence caregivers working with infants and toddlers?
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has many implications for teachers. First, where do you think teaching/learning fits in this hierarchy?  What are the implications of placement?  What role should/do professionals play in meeting student needs?  Implications

Hasnaa Idrissi

Sep 21, 2021 at 6:32 PM

3) We don’t skip any stage because every stage complete the other.

Physiological needs: Can be understood through basic needs like clothes, food, water. But There are some details a teacher can pay attention to in class, like if the children are tired, because sometimes children don’t sleep well, they can’t focus in class. Also if the children eat more sweet during break. She should communicate with their parents to resolve whatever the issue is.

Safety and security: The children need to feel safe in the environment in which they seek education without worrying about any threats. The teacher should help the child feel safe, also Help them organize their homework, as well as their materiel. If the child is harmed, they need to feel safe, and if they don’t, that will achieve them mentally as well as affect their education.

Belongingness and affection: The children need to feel a sense of belonging and feel loved. At this level they want to feel they are part of the class, part of their teachers and part of their classmates. The teacher responsibility to create a spirit of group between the children. The teacher prepares a group work to allow the children to listen to each other in groups, they are more careful to show what is important, and they have the ability to rely on one another, then create solidarity and mutual help.

Self-respect: To achieve this level they should meet the previous three levels. They should learn to have a good self-esteem to move forward in life, to have that, they should believe in ability of success, having self-confidence and respecting their own self. The child measures his appreciation by his awareness of his personal values.

Self-actualization: In this level the children looking for a way to realize their own potential for learning. They will also strive to achieve their educational goals and reach them. For example, they may want to get the grade possible, or read certain number of books in a short time.

This hierarchy is not applicable to everyone, because of the lifestyle, culture, and other aspects. We don’t take into account the needs of the individual according to their personality. We can also be criticized Maslow’s hierarchy, because is not supporting his theory with scientific evidence, it is just based on hypotheses.

Nelly Ascencio

Sep 22, 2021 at 6:13 PM

  • Attachment is viewed as critical for healthy social and emotional development. What are some implications of attachment for the early care and learning professional? How should knowing about attachment influence caregivers working with infants and toddlers?

Attachment is very critical for a students development socially and emotionally. It helps provide children with a sense of security that they need to be able to learn, communicate, and explore. There are many phases of attachment from the time they are born until adulthood. This theory emphasizes the necessity of children forming strong bonds with adults around them especially early care and learning professionals. If these relationships are not formed, it can have long term consequences for the child as they continue to grow up. Most of the times a child who has no bond with their teacher may end up with low self esteem and my even develop poor behavior. Knowing about how attachment can influence an infant or a toddler and getting to know the signs is very important as an early care professional. As an adult who is part of their life we should pay attention to their behaviors and encourage them to communicate, and be more confident while also paying attention to their behaviors. We need to create a safe environment for them by providing calm and controlled supervision for them as well as attending to their needs, being consistent and understanding. Children at this stage in their life need constant positive reinforcement to feel safe, secure, and confident and it is our job to make sure we are helping them move in the right direction.


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