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University of Maryland Global Campus Emotion of Love Summary


This part of the final project is a summary of your ongoing work on the final paper; it should include three paragraphs, one covering each selected work. You should also make sure to re-state what your subject is. 

Identify how the subject you chose in Part 1 appears in three different examples, each from a different Humanities discipline (visual art, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, film, religion). For instance, you could choose a poem, a painting and a scene from a film, all of which express and represent the theme of anger. Or, to be even more specific, if you choose the emotion of “love,” the final paper could analyze and discuss love as it is expressed in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147 (literature), Boticelli’s Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake (dance).

Write one short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about each of your selections in which you:

  • Identify a reliable and appropriate example (a good-quality image, recording, video, etc.).  
  • Identify and cite the source, including the artist, creator etc. as well as where you found the example.
  • Explain why you find the example relevant for this assignment.
  • Identify one tool, concept or method from the Learning Resources you might be able to use to talk about it.

STOP: Before you hand in your assignment, make sure to ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Have I chosen three examples from three different fields of the Humanities?
  2. Are each of the examples I chose specific, reliable, appropriate, relevant to my topic?
  3. Have I offered an explanation for each example that offers a reason for including it? 
  4. Have I provided a specific and appropriate interpretative tool, concept or method that I will likely use to interpret each example?
  5. Have I provided a list of resources and do all of my citations conform to MLA 8th edition guidelines?
  6. Have I proofread this assignment for grammatical, structural, and spelling errors that might impede someone from understanding what I am trying to say?  
  7. (THIS IS THE FIRST PART OF MY PROJECT) LOVE The topic I have chosen for my final project is “Love”. I choose to write about Love because for many people it’s an unanswered question “Why do we love?”. All human beings know is that in our lifetime we fall in love a few times, but we never get to find out why. There are many theories out there on why we fall in love, all we know is that we fall in love with some people but not everyone. We know love is feelings, fulfillment, commitment, trust etc. In my paper I am determined to explain why we fall in love from different point of view and perspectives. One of the most impactful things in our world is love. I will explore all the myths and stories of why human beings have the need to love and be loved by another.


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