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Arizona State University The Impact of Gender Roles on Health Discussion


Discussion Post #1:

Write about one paragraph on this prompt:

Describe Hart and colleague’s (2019) approach to measuring multiple dimensions of gender/sex in

health research. How might adoption of their approach to measuring multiple dimensions of

gender/sex in gender research challenge or destabilize the gender binary? Would a similar approach

to measuring multiple dimensions of race/ethnicity in our research challenge the racial binary? Why

or why not?

Discussion Post #2:

Is doing gender required in contemporary society? Explain your answer in one paragraph.

Discussion Post #3:

That men would be less likely than women to wear a face mask during this pandemic was

predictable, given what we already knew about masculinity and health. Using the information

presented in Chapter 6, tie the gendered response to heightened hygiene demands during the

coronavirus to the idea of emasculation and men’s health behaviors more generally. How is this an

example of androcentrism? How might it be exacerbated by precarious masculinity and men’s

struggle to navigate a hierarchy of masculinity? Is this an example of hypermasculinity? How might

different role models of masculinity shift its meaning or practice? (Feel free to use examples)

Try to keep your response brief (not more than 200 words).

Discussion Post #4:

In Chapter 8, Wade and Ferree argue that institutions are inert, meaning they are resistant to

change and don’t change quickly when required. However, shocks to the system, like COVID-

19 pandemic, can create sudden changes. Pandemic social distancing protocols suggest changes

might be possible in the college hookup culture. This may result in the disruption of an important

source of power, specifically the sexual geographies through which privileged students have control

over parties, alcohol, and campus social life. Do you think that the pandemic will change the culture of

sex on your campus? If so, will it do so in ways that disrupt preexisting power dynamics? How or how


Discussion Post #5:

Find or create your own Meme that summarizes the main point, or one of the main points, for the

material on Gender & Politics. If you wish to create your own Meme

 Consider using an online tool like (Links to an external

site.), (Links to an external site.), Canva (Links to an external site.) to create

a meme

 Or you can use PowerPoint following these steps:

 ONE: find an image from Creative Commons

 TWO: paste it on an empty PowerPoint slide,

 THREE: insert text over the top

 FOUR: group all the objects together

 FIVE: save it as an image

o If you are using a Meme you found, provide the source for the Meme

o Post your meme below to share with the group.


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