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Rio Salado Community College Health & Medical Course Reflection Essay


  • Goal
    • This assignment is designed to provide students with a chance to “explore the experience, reflect on the positive and negative aspects of it and to formulate goals to improve the experience or results of the activity the next time it occurs.” (
    • Scroll past the Instructions to find information on how to write a Reflection document

Topics in the course:

  • Regulatory Writing Toolbox
  • Pre-Trial Documents and The art of Persuasion/Arguments
  • FDA Warning Letters
  • Manuscript Writing
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Clinical Study Reports and other Post Trial Regulatory Documents


  • In approximately 500 words reflect on what you have learned in this course
  • What was new to you
  • What interested you the most?
  • Were you able to apply materials to your work if you are working in a clinical research or regulatory position?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • How will you use what you learned as you work toward your professional goals?
  • Be sure your Reflection contains:
    • “I” statements
    • Opinions
    • Examples
    • Reflections
  • You might find inspiration at this website which contains 50 examples of Reflection Essays: (Links to an external site.)
  • Below are more helpful tips for writing an (A+) Course Reflection

A Reflective Statement is:

  • A way of thinking to explore your learning and to express your views
  • An opportunity to gain self-knowledge, deepen your thought and understanding
  • A careful consideration of what you have learned
  • A way to achieve clarity and a better understanding of what you are learning; look at your experience in order to analyze and learn from what took place
  • A way of making meaning out of what you study

It is not:

  • Just conveying information
  • Pure description
  • Straight forward decision or judgment
  • Simple problem solving
  • A summary of course notes
  • A standard university essay

Questions to Explore

  • What did you learn from this course? About yourself? About working in the field?
  • Did your experience fit with the listed outcomes of the course? Why or why not? What was successful? Why? What would you do differently? Why?

Characteristics of Reflection Essays

  • It is purposeful – not just jotting down notes or thoughts
  • It is personal – it explores the relationship between the writer and what was learned
  • It is perceptive and includes:
    • Analysis – what are the causes and effects of learning
    • Synthesis – how do the components relate to each other? What have you learned?
    • Evaluation – your attitude towards the subject. How have you been affected?
  • It is polished – although it does not use research sources, reflective writing must meet standards of precision, clarity, conciseness, and correctness of any other style of formal writing

Reflection Essays – Expectations

  • Critically engage with concepts from your course by making connections between your observations, experiences and opinions
  • Explain and analyze these concepts from your point of view using original ideas

Drafting Your Reflection

  • Think about it
  • Explore the significance
  • Organize your reflection. Start with an account of what you have learned and explain its significance
  • Elaborate on your ideas. Use precise, vivid language to convey what you learned


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