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St Thomas University W2 Learning Theories & Nursing Effective Care Discussion


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Natacha Pascal

St. Thomas University

Discussion 2

Learning theories are guidelines and principles are three-that provide guidance on how individuals and populations can store, acquire, and recall, respectively, individual knowledge. Three different theoretical approaches to education include behaviorism, constructivism, cognitive theories, and constructivist views. My personal favorite theory is the behavior-based method for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses is based on my experience that it is still care delivered, done with varying degrees of independence. Operant conditioning is a hypothesis that was first proposed by B.F. Skinner, who postulated that learning is expressed by a shift in behavior as well as by the environment. Improved health and better care can be provided due to health promotion (Aliakbari et al., 2015).

In nursing, the concept incorporates three fundamental concepts: behaviors, individual characteristics, and ideas about a person’s mental comprehension and accomplishment. When it comes to self-improvement, the theory suggests that people should, at all times, act in a way that promotes health. Patients may have different reactions to various treatments, both in terms of their individual characteristics and different aspects of their behavior. The major way to positively modify health behavior is to know why you’re doing it, of course, but this requires work and diligence on the part of the patient, so some people may have difficulty modifying habits. The concept of behavioral health is more in line with current scientific thinking, which suggests that individuals’ mental states (such as anxiety, depression, and other illnesses) are reflections of long-term characteristics than states of disability or diseasedness (Addle, 2017). As a result, individuals have many options for interacting with their environment when it comes to quality of life.

Advanced Practice Nurses are better prepared to practice when they learn nursing theories in addition to their own concepts because they assume increased roles and responsibilities (APN). The quality of patient care is enhanced by exposure to many various concepts, techniques, and strategies that foster greater understanding and learning. the treatment options possible by gathering and integrating available information, the treatment plan arrives at the most advantageous treatment decisions (Presti, 2016). The fact that the behavior theory corresponds to Neola Pender’s concepts of health promotion is in the sense that illness is not an absence of a disease but a quality of mind behavior, which means illness can not be combated or remedied by treatments. In order to help patients acquire high-quality health, it is important for nurses to make use of this belief. Those who are addicted to smoking, for example, will be able to become healthier if their habits are changed. It can occur in several ways. The most commonly discussed is increased physical activity to take the place of smoking. Therefore, the health, or well-being, of an individual is improved in the long term. The change in response may be mere to physical activity, rather than to the impact of a lack of it. So APNs who have access to the change in policy as a resource for living a healthy life and healthy activities, can then also interpret the responsibilities of duties that pertain to those conditions. As well as learning how important healthy habits influence overall health, it allows patients to fully comprehend their impact on overall well-being. Another advantage of behavioral theory in nursing is that it assists CNAs in evaluating and assessing the individual’s health needs and thus directing them. for complementary purposes, it improves patient/ambulatory status communication as well as serving as an instrument for determining APN efficiency and effectiveness. An APN will develop methods to meet the unique health needs of a patient by first making a profile of the individual to be addressed and then developing customized treatment plans to improve their quality of life. Good behaviorism has many applications for the roles of an APN, and can also teach APN employees to acknowledge and respect their duties and responsibilities (Smith et al., 2015).

With this information in mind, I’d like to say that learning theories aid in quality health care by incorporating nursing concepts and methods. When you have a deeper understanding of a patient, it is the result of several learning theories working together. While there are valid solutions to most social problems, such as getting people to work, quitting smoking, or exercising, they can all be alleviated by eliminating their causes.


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