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Stratford University Seattle Childrens Hospital Case Review & Responses


Review the Seattle Children’s Hospital case on page 46 – 49 of the  Verzuh  text book.  Discuss how this case can be used to illustrate the  project Lifecycle (see page 41). 

Verzuh, E. (2021). The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (6ed.). Hoboken, NJ. John Wiley & Sons.

Chapters 1,3 

Respond to the posts

post 1

The project development life cycle is considered necessary for developing or creating a new product by not depending upon its size. The project life cycle is divided into four categories: requirement, design, constructs, and operation. All these four phases of the project lifecycle are helpful to create the path from start to end (Mastrofini, 2015). In the project management lifecycle phases, it will be easy to come up with an idea for that project, defining the goals, and planning for execution and guidance to complete. The Seattle children’s hospital case helps understand the four essential categories that help determine how the product meets customers’ requirements.

In the vase Seattle children’s hospital, they have the requirement stage when the project scope has included the details about the boundaries of organizational changes and the work required for accomplishing it. That has provided the details about the vital work, goals, objectives, and boundaries of the change required for the new product. It will become easy to manage the project life cycle for Seattle children’s hospital cases. It is essential to understand that for any project, it is essential for someone to ensure that it is required to run the entire process required for the completion of the project in good time.

Among all the critical phases of the Seattle children’s hospital, it will encompass the information of stage one in which the project elements should be set so that all the constraints deliverables, budgets, and project goals (Rangelov, Dylla, Davies &Sivaneswaran, 2020). Other than all these, it is essential to ensure that the project plan will consider the care of different types of tasks for ensuring that it provides advanced monitoring for the project, which is helpful to produce the desired outcomes.

Post 2

Verzuh (2021) claims the project lifecycle has four phases, requirements, design, construct, and operate. The first step assists project members determine functional and performance requirements. The designing deals with product conception after considering all the requirements. After that, there is product construction, coupled with the necessary documentation to guide future projects (Verzuh, 2021). The operation stage allows the project members invest in ongoing operations and maintenance for the project lifespan.

Regarding the Seattle Children’s Hospital case, the management intended to redesign patient management systems. The project, referred to as Encounters, will streamline and standardize lots of hospital’s services (Verzuh, 2021). For instance, there will be efficiency in admission, registration, scheduling, and insurance verification. The project team complied with the project lifecycle phases, where the diagnostic assessment yielded the requirements (Verzuh, 2021). They were derived from customer feedback data, and interviewed key organization stakeholders. The requirements assisted in drafting the project charter after outlining the scope definition, process goals and objectives, and project approach. The team also formulated the cost-benefit assessment and risk matrix to raise project success.

The design phase have the formulation of the preliminary and detailed designs for the expected patient management system. It illustrated the work flows, process performance measures, and information systems after the system starts operations (Verzuh, 2021). The construct phase had the system implementation, where the team could make the necessary adjustments. The team also undertook sequencing of all the dependent activities. Eventually, the operate phase had the continuous improvement activities, to maintain the efficacy of the system (Verzuh, 2021). The analysis shows the team complied to the universal best practices of project management. 


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