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Computer Science homework help. Write a 3 pages paper on video team paper. Questions on who was to be responsible for certain things arose due to need of clarity and commitment (Singh 23). Norming During this stage, members worked cohesively, with active acknowledgement of each other. The interpersonal relationships grew positively with members solving team issues together. Each member asked questions on the tasks, while at the same time, preconceived notions about each other changed due to the facts that were presented. Members shared information with each other freely and tasks concerning the race were explored without any individualism (Singh 24). Perfoming The team managed to evolve itself towards the fourth stage. Members were able to work independently while at the same time, they were able to work as a unit. Production was at the peak with individual tasks being handled effectively. Interdependence in terms of personal relations was observed. Group identity was complete, the morale and loyalty was high and also intense. Problems were solved due to the high productivity rate (Singh 24). Adjourning During this stage, the tasks were concluded with task termination and the end of relationships. During this time, members recognized each other’s participation and achievement towards the success of the task (Singh 24). Big Five Personality traits Members of the team were observed to show their big five personality traits. Some members who were very curious, creative and ready to embrace new ideas showed Openness. Some members were aware of their feelings and their beliefs were unconventional. Team members who were organized punctual, achievement oriented and systematic showed conscientiousness. These team members were always dependable as they showed a distinct preference when it came to planning ahead of their schedule. A member who was talkative, outgoing, and social showed extraversion. The member showed constantly positive emotions full of energy and vigor. Agreeableness was quite common with some team members who were very tolerant, sensitive, trusting and warm. These members wanted to get along with others and they showed high levels of friendliness, and compromises for the team. Neuroticism was clear with a member who showed anxious and irritability and moody behaviors (Singh 37). Conclusion Working as a team was quite enjoyable and eye opening. There are several lessons that were gained from the experience. Unity was key to the success of the team. When members of the team agreed on an issue without any problem, the task ahead was successful however, whenever there were conflicts, a lot of time was wasted and this led to little achievement. Through teamwork, it was possible to learn more about others. Tolerance was a great lesson, which was achieved from this exercise. Team members had different personalities and each one had to tolerate other members to make sure that the tasks were a success. Members who were a nuisance had to be asked to cooperate to realize the task ahead. Challenges due to leadership and task allocation were common. Some members felt that the tasks that they were given were too much or too little. However, appointing one person as a leader helped to create authority over issues. Due to time factor, the team leader consulted with members to avoid any conflicts before allocation of tasks.

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