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DUCM Human Computer Interaction Discussion


1-Lecture activity instructions:

Think about the five types of macro-cognitive thinking presented this week (communication, engagement, decision-making, expertise, and action). For each, draw a concept map illustrating your hypotheses (ie, educated guesses) about it’s relationship to the microcognition elements (perception, memory, attention, sensory systems) and the mesocognition elements (knowledge in the head, recognition, external reminders, etc.). For example, for Expertise, you could hypothesis that it draws on the use of an extensive store of procedural and declarative knowledge which is stored in long-term memory. Therefore, the concept map could have bubbles for expertise and long-term memory connected by an arrow from memory to expertise labelled ‘need storage of procedural and declarative knowledge’. Feel free to use any resources to help develop your hypotheses or simply document your current thinking before digging into the readings. You will not be evaluated on the accuracy of the hypotheses, only the discussion of each of the macrocognition thinking types.

-2- 1. Describe 2-3 insights/connections/revelations you had from the readings (and other non-lecture materials) for each of the following topics:

  • Mesocognition
  • Macrocognition

Macrocognition Topics:

Interaction Design textbook (Sharp, et. al., 5th ed.):

  • Ch. 5 (Social Interactions)
  • Ch. 6 (Emotional Interactions)

Klein, Gary. “A naturalistic decision making perspective on studying intuitive decision making.” Journal of applied research in memory and cognition 4.3 (2015): 164-168.

Klein, Gary. “Naturalistic decision making.” Human factors 50.3 (2008): 456-460.

Garr, Eric, and Andrew R. Delamater. “Exploring the relationship between actions, habits, and automaticity in an action sequence task.” Learning & Memory 26.4 (2019): 128-132.

Mesocognition Topics:

Norman, Don. The design of everyday things: Revised and expanded edition. Basic books, 2013.

  • Ch. 3 (Knowledge in the World)
  • Ch. 4 (Constraints and Feedback)

-Those are the readings


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