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Florida National University Psychology Multiple Choice Questions



  1. Question 1

    ________ has shown that CBT and the antidepressants work by targeting different parts of the brain.

  2. Question 2

    By allowing a new Teacher to first observe someone else administering the final shock level, Milgram could get compliance rates as high as

  3. Question 3

    10 PointsEllie is a graduate student in psychology at the local university. She is interested in one day specializing in the study of abnormal behavior. What area of psychology should she focus on in school?

  4. Question 4

    10 PointsAccording to ________, people around the world share and recognize at least seven basic emotions.

  5. Question 5

    10 PointsThe ________ approach to therapy would be appropriate for a person who persistently believes that he/she is a fool, is stupid, and is just plain no good.

  6. Question 6

    10 PointsThe obedience effect is much stronger when

  7. Question 7

    10 PointsWhich of the following people would be most likely to receive a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder?

  8. Question 8

    10 PointsYoung laboratory monkeys who saw their parents express fear to a live snake later showed fear themselves while viewing a live snake for the first time. This new fear would be the result of

  9. Question 9

    10 PointsThe cause of anxiety, according to Carl Rogers, lies in

  10. Question 10

    10 PointsThe ________ refers to the notion that genetic factors put a person at risk for schizophrenia but environmental stress factors trigger the disorder itself.

  11. Question 11

    10 PointsAlice takes lithium to control symptoms of her mental disorder. Alice is most likely suffering from

  12. Question 12

    10 PointsA person is highly likely to experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the chronic abuse of

  13. Question 13

    10 PointsA person who experiences severe bouts of anxiety would be described as displaying

  14. Question 14

    10 PointsSocial psychology is the scientific study of how a person’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by

  15. Question 15

    10 PointsA client tells his therapist about a dream of riding on a train with his boss. At the end of the journey, the boss gets off the train at a terminal. The therapist suggests that the “terminal” in the dream indicates an unconscious desire by the client to “terminate” his boss. This desire to terminate the boss, if it exists, would reflect what Freud called the ________ content of the dream.

  16. Question 16

    10 PointsMaslow’s humanistic theory of motivation has difficulty in explaining why

  17. Question 17

    10 PointsSydney said, “I don’t care much about my grades as long as I’m the most popular girl in the class!” What need is this?

  18. Question 18

    10 PointsA twenty-year follow-up on the Bennington College study found that

  19. Question 19

    10 PointsPhysicians trained in the medical model of mental disorder are most likely to treat their patients by

  20. Question 20

    10 PointsAttributions are

  21. Question 21

    10 PointsIn Solomon Asch’s study, which factor increased the rate of conformity?

  22. Question 22

    10 PointsRats deprived of food and water that are placed in a novel environment may choose to

  23. Question 23

    10 PointsStrenuous physical activity during the day is most likely to increase the amount of

  24. Question 24

    10 PointsA hospital patient was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia because she was having an impoverished emotional response, and a lack of initiative in taking care of one’s daily affairs. What type of symptoms are these?

  25. Question 25

    10 PointsResearchers have found that paraprofessionals


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