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Harvard University Management and Sport Obermayer Limited Discussion


Relevant case studies will be introduced throughout the quarter to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of a specific supply chain concept as it relates to real world situations. Students will be required to appraise, evaluate and determine an appropriate solution for a designated organization based both on the case study and outside research. They will present their conclusions in class along with the requisite discussion of how their determination was made. An accompanying 2 to 4 single spaced paper describing and elaborating on the case study findings is also required.

Case Formatting:

  • Cases should be read twice. The first reading will allow the reader a basic understanding of the background and relevant issues of the case. The second reading will allow a deeper understanding of the key facts, issues, and assumptions.
  • The format of each case should be 2-4 pages single spaced in Arial or Times New Roman font not including the appendix. A cover sheet or table of contents is not needed.
  • A brief summary of the case in the introduction is appropriate; please do not exceed more than one paragraph (4 sentences).
  • The thesis/problem statement must be clear, concise (one or two sentences) and should immediately follow the summary. The problem statement should clearly identify and outline the problem of the case, laying the foundation for the resulting case analysis.
    1. Example: Apparel Company has struggled to create accurate forecasts based on both qualitative and quantitative measures to allow the proactive planning of production to ensure the best product mix for their target market.
  • The overall tone of the case should be unbiased, and the reader should only report the facts and make logical assumptions when needed. Do not write, “I feel, I believe.” Simply state the facts clearly. For example, “The company should do ___ because ___”.
  • Avoid using quotes from the case. Paraphrase when needed.
  • Be specific! When referring to quantities or time frames, provide the actual data. For example, “the company increased market share.” Instead, write, “the company sustained a 10% increase in market share compared to 2019.”
  • The conclusion must link back to the problem statement and address each issue with logical recommendations that are specific and actionable. When action is required please specify a recommended implementation time frame and the reasoning behind your decision.
  • Do not use contractions. Can’t, Don’t, Wouldn’t, should be cannot, do not, would not, respectively.
  • Use direct and elevated language. Do not write as if one would “speak” or use casual jargon. Such as, “Seeing how,” “On par,” “In other words,” “In today’s day and age.” Instead, examples of similar verbiage could be, “Due to,” “Equivalent to,” “Rather,” “Currently”.
  • I will attach the case and case formatting guideline under


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