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Abraham Lincoln University Leadership Theories Discussion And Responses


Find the question below:Research and select three leadership theories.  Explain how you will implement those theories in your leadership style. Be sure to include specific examples and articulate how each will help you manage in today’s changing and competitive landscape.Submission Details:Your initial response to the discussion question should be 250-300 words. You must have at least one course (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your initial posting.  Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.Links for reference:……

One Response for each needed for below two discussion posts:Post 1:Transactional Theory:Depending on the subordinate’s performance, the transactional leadership involves either in a positive or negative exchange (Bass & Avolio, 1993). In my company, it is a general practice to award year-end bonuses based on performance evaluation of goals. Every year, I need to identify two measurable goals which are directly contributing to company’s goals and one personal career development goal. My manager reviews and approves them in the beginning of the year. The goals are evaluated during the year-end review. I believe since the employee bonus is directly proportional to their performance, employees are always on track with accomplishing their goals.House & Mitchell Path-Goal Theory:The achievement-oriented leader involves setting goals that are challenging to subordinates and inflicting confidence in them to complete the goal (Bartol & Martin, 1998). As a production planner, I am responsible for leading the data integrity of our ERP and MES systems. I have assigned each module to specific individuals. I challenge them to identify the root cause of data inaccuracy and processes affected by it.Transformational Theory:Transformational leaders endeavour to increase the levels of both work and personal advancement of their subordinates (Ahmed, Nawaz, & Khan, 2016). As a production planner, I follow up with the operations team to understand their needs and provide support that could empower my subordinates. I implement new processes which helps in developing their skills. It benefits their personal goals as well as the company’s goals.Post 2:Leading is a function that managers exert in order to stimulate high performance from their employees. It involves communicating, motivating, and guiding the employees to accomplish a certain task in an effective and efficient way (Bateman, T. 2020, p.14). By researching multiple leadership theories, I chose the 3 theories below that I can personally relate to, having worked in positions throughout my career where I implemented them:The Contingency Theory: It involves exerting a certain leadership style that is best suited for the situation that you find yourself in. It’s a combination of many key variables (CFI, 2021). Different people with different personalities and different needs on a daily basis. As a Sales Team Leader, I was responsible for guest service, quality of food served as well as managing 5-6 team members. Dealing with an angry customer whose food has been served cold is a different situation than a patient/appreciative customer who found a hair on his plate. Same concept, different situation, different approaches. Because I customized my style based on the situation at hand, I was able to increase the branch’s positive reviews by 20% in the first 3 months. The Participative Theory: It involves including others in your decision-making process. A leader seeks contribution or an opinion from other people which makes them feel valued and engaged in the task at hand (Ang, I. 2014). By working as a Sales Team Leader, I would always ask other employees’ opinions about the best possible floor formation for each specific shift. By doing so, I felt that they were more appreciative and joyful during the shift. The Transformational Theory: The focus of transformational leadership theories is not only on the goals and performance of the group but also on ensuring that the individuals in the group reach their fullest potential. I believe that the best leaders also teach their subordinates the skills that they know as they care about their growth and personal development. By reverting to this style, I was able to promote a lot of people within my team. 


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