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ALU Shareholder Profit Maximization and Social Responsibility Discussion & Responses



Please find the question below:

After watching the required video “Profit’s not always the point” by Harish Manwani and reading the article “Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold After Screen Failures” by Sam Kim and Mark Gurman, discuss the 4G Model and the purpose firms must have beyond the products they sale or the service they provide. Pretend you are the executive officer at Samsung responsible for not releasing the Galaxy Fold, what would be your response to shareholders and customers regarding the failed product. Use the economic theory and concepts in chapter one to support your response. Remember the idea is to maximize the wealth of shareholders but also be socially responsible to the community that must sustain your product.our initial response to the discussion question should be 250-300 words. You must have at least one course (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your initial posting.  Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post. Links to references:Video Link related to question:…

Respond to the following 

Discussion post 1:

In the video “Profit’s not always the point”, Mr. Harish Manwani talks about the three traditional G’s of growth which are:Growth that is consistentGrowth that is competitiveGrowth that is profitableTo that, he adds the very important G and makes it a 4G model which is the topic of this discussion. The 4th G that he refers to is the Growth that is responsible. Traditionally when a company moves forward, or is growing, its growth is measured based on the 3G model mentioned above. If the company is performing well on a quarter to quarter basis or year to year basis, it is deemed as the Growth of the company is consistent. If the company can achieve what was in the plan regardless of the competition it faced in the market, the growth of the company is deemed competitive. If the company can improve on the shareholder values more and more, the growth of the company is deemed profitable. Breaking the myth behind this is the Growth that is responsible.The growth that is responsible will have the companies create social values along with the economical values. Companies that have a large customer base are the one that can make huge differences with a little push, and this little push can help them make money and do good at the same time making their growth more responsible towards society.Switching the attention towards the situation of Galaxy Fold at Samsung, if I were the Executive Officer at Samsung, the very first thing I would do is to be careful with my words. The last thing you would want at such a critical point is to say something that can come back to haunt you. I would very first come out with a statement of support for the customers and the shareholders, in order to continue building their faith in the company and make them realize that the situation is something the company knows well and is taking care of. This would also help suppress the media attention to the issue and the company would have the time to resolve it without having buzz in the market.I would then use the blueprints from the previous fiasco that happened during the time of the Note7 in 2016 and would try to avoid any unconditional circumstances. The company was able to recover from that which proves that the company has the resources to tackle such a situation. Fortunately for the company, the issue came to light during trial phases and the company still had the time before the release. Delaying the release of any product does not mean the product is failure but it means that the product is being improved in every way possible. The prime aim of the company is to be socially responsible for the products provided by the company to the customers, keeping in mind their health and hazards. It does not mean compromising with the profits for the shareholders but to achieve the longevity of the profits which then would have been scrutinized by the failure. Managerial Efficiency Theory allows the company such as Samsung to overcome the issues such as with Galaxy Fold. Firms with higher managerial skills and production efficiency are able to compensate for the above-normal profits in such circumstances (McGuigan, Moyer, &deB. Harris, 2014, p. 9).

Discussion post 2:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Display FailureSamsung Galaxy Z FoldOn February 20, 2019, the Samsung galaxy z series came up with the biggest breakthrough in the world of foldable smartphones. The 7.3-inch dynamic super AMOLED display brought the revolution to the galaxy smartphones through its largest display. The cutting-edge design with its flexible vertebrae crease was designed to emulate like a book induced with both the experience of a phone and a tablet. Even with the device folded the apps don’t stop running; rather they will appear on the 4.6-inch front display to continue as it was. Samsung galaxy z series crafted the device with android pie and Samsung’s UI software system including a 4360mah battery capacity and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.Offered PurposeOver the generations, Samsung Galaxy has made quite the name among the smartphone brands. Its annual revenue exceeds 70 million every quarter. The problems had been reported with the test product versions costing about $1980. Then imagine the profit margin it would have hit if the product was launched at the decided date (Kim& Gurman, 2019). The special protective clear laminated layer is slightly confusing with the removal display protector which damaged the screen once it had been removed. On April 22nd, 2019 just two days before the launch date was postponed for the product’s betterment.Generally, innovations always reshape the future, it lets us see the possible tomorrow’s design and makes us wonder how far it can go. As an executive officer of Samsung, I would like to highlight the design that made quite the sensation among the people after the Samsung Galaxy Z series unveiled the product. The product’s dual experience mode and convertible design made the clients go gaga over it. And most importantly it almost created a market value even before its launch. A refund of US $100 was made as a complementary to per customers who pre-ordered the product. And for such inconvenience, the shareholders had been promised with the modified and rectified product which will make its name through the market-race.Shareholder Wealth-Maximization IdeasSometimes few short-payoffs are made to maximize the profit level later (McGuigan et al., 2013). A consistent, competitive, and profitable growth helps us to continue to increase the shareholder’s value every time. And as per the reviews cited on the product, I’m afraid that this product is not good enough to be in the competitive market. A consistent, competitive, and profitable growth helps us to continue to increase the shareholder & its value every time (, 2014). The launch of the product had been delayed for its betterment so that the rectified product became a major part in creating an economic and social market value.


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